Mohawk Valley Corvette Club, Inc.

The All Corvette Picnic, Pratts Falls, NY August 2007
Also known as Corvette Woodstock!

Meeting at the Thruway. Did I mention the water truck spraying the road!!!!!

Asking for directions somewhere in Syracuse....

Ok.... go down here and you....

No, No,.... go down this way here and you....

What did he say? Was it left then right, or right then left? Let's just drive around the country side until we find it!

We finally made it!

Bob and Ann!

Some of our club members cars

Tina and Bob....

Just Bob....

Gale being goofy....

John, Carol, baby Cortney, Ann and Patty

Gotta' love those Corvette chairs!

John and Patty

Did we mention that it was a gravel road coming into the event????

There were so many beautiful early model Corvettes!!!!


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