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Utica Elks Lodge No. 33 Dictionary Project

November 30, 2006

The Mohawk Valley Corvette Club, Inc. recently donated $500 to Utica Elks Lodge No. 33 for use in conjunction with their Dictionary Project. The Dictionary Project is part of a National Program done on an annual basis and designed to provide dictionaries to third grade students and their teachers which will be used in the preparation of their daily class work. This book is more than just a common dictionary, it is a learning tool with more than just words, and can be utilized through grade 6. So far this year dictionaries have already been delivered to Lady of Lourdes Elementary, Clinton Elementary, New York Mills Elementary, House of Good Shepard, St. Peterís Elementary and New Hartford Elementary totaling approximately 450 books. The Utica Elementary schools and Whitesboro Elementary are scheduled with approximately another 1100 books designated for them. The enthusiasm for this project from the administrators to the teachers and the students has been unbelievable to see; our children are our future and anything we can do to help the children of our community is a positive.

We commend the Utica Elks for being so community minded and allowing us the opportunity to give back to our community as well. More than 1,500 third graders in the Greater Utica area received dictionaries in the kick off of this project, also aided by a donation from the Mohawk Valley Corvette Club, in 2005 and in 2006 we hope to surpass that number in children reached.


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