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Gary Enck's Annual Corvette Show September 2006

3 Brand new Z06 Corvettes in one place....

Our members came out in the rain to support our club sponsor Gary Enck at his annual Corvette Show.

Nothing but Corvettes as far as you could see! What a view!

Take a look at that sky. It got very rainy and windy that day!

One of the brand new Z06 Corvettes in Gary's showroom.

Mike Zarnock and his buddy Bob Nora. The guys your mom said not to hang around with.

Kathy Kraus sitting, Ann Anken and Mike Zarnock standing.

Gary Enck giving Mike Zarnock a red Corvette Teddy Bear to match his and Tina's red C4.

Bob is trying to talk Tina Zarnock into buying that black Z06.

Bob Nora, Patti Remington, Mike Zarnock and his wife (better half) Tina Zarnock.

I'd buy it, but it really doesn't go with my shirt....

Kitt has nothing on me.....

OK Gary.... How about my boat, my other Corvette, my truck and my summer house?

Hey Gary, I'll match that and throw in my mother-in-law!

The sun started to come out and shine on all the beautiful Corvettes.

Let's see, Gary said to go out and wipe off that Corvette over there, no there, or over there....sigh....

Bob Nora picks the one he wants.

Bob Nora gets a wheel stop for his black C3. Still thinking about that black C6.

John Remington even drove his car in the rain.


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