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Watkins Glen Grand Prix Festival September 9-11, 2016

Videos of the vintage race cars on Franklin Street, Watkins Glen:
Note: it may take a while to download the files.

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Early birds at the Showboat

Somehow we always seem to wind up at Starkey's Lookout

At the Chateau Lafayette Reneau for the Tour de Marque

Staging for parade laps at Watkins Glen International

It only sprinkled...

Angelo staged on Franklin Street for laps on the old course

A few cars at the Concours d'Elegance

The best in show Ferrari

Was ist das? A Messerschmitt promoting the classic car auction

Race cars on display on Franklin Street: A Lola

A Bizzarrini

A McKee

Alfa Romeo


A Mini panel delivery just for fun!


US Vintage Grand Prix weekend: Beating the snot out of the Jags

Dennis with Le Mans winner Davey Jones

Bob at the Range Rover Experience

Speaking of auctions, this Dino didn't sell, but $305K will buy it

Misc. race action from Saturday

A couple of winners!

Scenes from the garage

Brenda with Corvette winning driver Jeff Bernatovich from Syracuse

Historic TransAm race on Sunday

Top two cars, they kept this up the entire race

The finish (the AMC won)

The start of the all Corvette feature race

The silver Corvette in the middle makes a move

The finish

The winner's circle

The End


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