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Watkins Glen Grand Prix Festival September 8-10, 2017

Videos of the vintage race cars on Franklin Street, Watkins Glen:
Note: it may take a while to download the files.

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At the track:
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The Jaguar Autocross:
Click here for video 8 (151MB)

Sun shower at the Showboat

Magnus Winery

Starkey's Lookout as usual

Full moon over Seneca Lake

At the Chateau Lafayette Reneau for the Founders Tour

On the Founders Tour

A few cars at the Concours d'Elegance: 1911 Reo

1907 Glenn Curtiss v-8 powered land speed record motorcycle

KX-1 sports car

Hot rod with a Pontiac 6 cylinder OHC motor

Race cars on display on Franklin Street: A Marcos

A Lancia

A Devon

The Conner's finishing the Land Rover Challenge

Misc. race action from Saturday

TransAm race on Sunday (modern cars not vintage)

Red flag after wreck in turn 9

The End


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