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Heart Run & Walk March 8, 2008

On Saturday March 8, 2008 the club team of Bob, Ann, Dennis and Annette participated in Americaís Greatest Heart Run and Walk. We walked the three-mile course on a day with less than ideal conditions. The rain let up for the start and for most of the course the weather was fine. Bob made sure the radio stations along the way announced us to the crowd. We would have made it back to the campus before it started pouring if someone, who shall remain nameless, hadnít had to stop at Friendlys to use the facilities!

Anyway, we had fun and it is really impressive seeing all the people out there braving the weather to walk and all the people along the course cheering us on.

The team raised over $200 to benefit the Heart Fund. Thank you to everyone who supported us. Good job team!

Check out the Before and After photos!


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